Aged Care

Delivering IT to the Office, Recreation Rooms, Nursing Stations, or Bed-sides

With our IT as a Service platform a complete virtual desktop with your associated Aged Care applications can be delivered to anywhere in your facilities a user can connect. For specific roles or functions a restricted Kiosk containing only required applications can also be provided, further reducing costs and limiting access to protected data.

By integrating our secure wireless solutions, you can extend the reach of your IT to where it is needed, including mobile platforms and devices such as iPads. By doing this, records can be updated as and when events occur, increasing the accuracy of data and improving the quality of care that can be provided to residents.

Provide your Residents with Entertainment, Connection, and benefits of Technology

In addition to supporting the smooth and efficient running of your organisation, our cloud based networks and systems can be securely partitioned to support resident services and entertainment.

This potentially opens additional revenue streams and has the ability to provide new levels of engagement and enjoyment to your Residents. Whether it be simple Skype calls from an iPad, an in-room VoIP telephone to stay connected with family members or streaming TV or movies to an Apple TV our multi-purpose cloud services can assist in enhancing your residents experience.

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