Convenient IT delivered where it is needed

With the healthcare industry constantly evolving, our cloud services deliver a platform to cater for the flexibility and growing portability demands placed on the associated IT environments.

With a range of healthcare providers currently using our cloud based IT as a Service, from General Practices and medical centres to Specialists and Dental Practices, we are experienced in providing robust and functional cloud solutions to the industry. All data (including patient information stored in your practice management systems) are maintained in our purpose built, highly secure Australian data centres to ensure the privacy and security of data.

The IT service is accessed as and where it is required, not installed at fixed locations. This means a Specialist who may use a variety of consulting suites or clinical sites, can access their virtual desktop and associated appointments and patient data from any authorised location, while a nurse can access their virtual desktop on an iPad from any ward, station, or theatre where they are rostered.

Now you can go where your patients need you, and not where you need your IT systems.

Cloud that assures Security and Privacy

Today some of the smallest offices deal with the most sensitive data, particularly in the medical field.

Even a large GP practice may have only 10 workstations. When you consider the importance and sensitivity of data that is being handled in such a practice, significant IT investment is required to adequately manage and protect this data. Often such investment is not deemed viable for small practices and therefore compromises are made on various elements, deviating from best practice.

With our Cloud services, no significant investment is required, rather a simple monthly fee based on your users and applications. The necessary IT systems and processes are already in place to address security, privacy and compliance. The environment is supported by a team of IT professionals that adhere to strict security policies and guidelines, to ensure only authorised personnel can complete sensitive transactions or functions on behalf of your organisation.

Most importantly, your patients' data is kept at all times safe and private in our secure Australian data centres.

“Trusted Cloud provide us with a very effective desktop solution for multisite use, a responsive support desk and importantly the ability to escalate challenging issues easily”

Andrew Bath

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