Project Management

Data and tools where you need them

With ITaaS, all the tools and information you require to manage and control your projects is available in your virtual desktop. This is operated from our Australian based data centres and securely available to you at the office, at home or on-site.

Data is not required to be stored on laptops or mobile devices and therefore is not lost or exposed if your device is left in a taxi, stolen or destroyed.

As you will probably be working many projects, and issues can arise any time, the ability to access what you need from wherever you are, is a key capability to you will quickly rely upon as you manage your busy programme.


With our cloud services, your project information can be quickly and securely shared with stakeholders irrespective of location. Connection to the cloud enables people to collaborate on design and document formulation, and work to a common project plan and schedule.

The tools you use to plan and control your project can be hosted in our cloud and securely made available to the resources that need them. By working with cloud-based project tools it is possible to work with more up-to-date real-time information and track communication, performance and management of risks & issues more accurately and faster than ever before.

Whether you are customer embedded, working on-site or part of the back office functions, our cloud services allow all project resources and stakeholders to actively improve the delivery and execution of your projects.

"As a project services consultancy our staff need access to applications and data from anywhere. With TrustedCloud our consultants can be onsite and delivering results for our clients within short timeframes and the platform can rapidly expand to meet any project workload."

Scott Moller

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