Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery without Complexity

With the Active-Active datacentre architecture supporting our cloud services a number of Disaster Recovery options are available to meet your business continuity requirements.

For our ITaaS and PaaS cloud services a "standard" level of disaster recovery is included. A copy of your data is maintained at a secondary datacentre and refreshed daily. Cloud network connections, authentication services and login points are maintained in the alternate datacentre, and our disaster recovery processes and systems can reconstitute some or all of your systems and operations from this alternate location if required. For these services, the customer can also elect to subscribe to elevated levels of disaster recovery to meet business specific RTO and RPO metrics.

Our IaaS and Private Cloud services can be used to support your non-Cloud Infrastructure. These services can include high-capacity network links to your local infrastructure to allow Cloud based infrastructure to address your disaster recovery requirements for on-premise or co-located systems and workloads.

Multi-Datacentre, Active Architecture

The cloud services we provide operate from multiple production data centres within Australia that are linked by high capacity fibre communications.

Your cloud services and data are always maintained / operated from these data centres, and depending on the cloud service used, your data can be replicated and stored in an alternate data centre. For ITaaS and PaaS the alternate data centres are located interstate and your systems and data can be launched to continue operation in a Disaster (even one covering 100's of kilometres as seen during the Queensland floods).

With enhanced infrastructure and features such as Global Site Load Balancing (GSLB), a disaster recovery environment can be tailored for you to reduce or completely eliminate downtime and loss of data.

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