Workplace Mobility

Take your office with you

Our IT as a Service has been designed from the ground up to enable workplace mobility. So whether you are a road warrior, based on customer sites or simply working from home, your complete office environment and applications are available to you, and delivered with a consistent user experience.

By centralising the infrastructure and virtualised desktop, you are able to save a large PowerPoint presentation or Word document in your secure group drive. Your colleagues in different locations or offices can open it instantly without having to wait for it to download from a remote location or server.

Free yourself from the shackles of the office and engage more closely with your customers – wherever they may be.

Choose the device that suits you

In addition to being able to access your company data and applications via a standarised virtual desktop, our service also allows you to use a myriad of mobile devices and platforms including, Windows, Macs, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

All that is required is the installation of the Citrix Reciever client to access the service which uses best of breed technology to run the service over low bandwidth links such as a 3G connection - so you can use the service anywhere.

"We wanted to give staff the ability to work remotely from home and clients’ premises with the same operational speed as the office. Not being able to offer this option meant that a lot of hours were wasted with staff redoing work after visiting clients or working weekends in the office to keep up. The TrustedCloud solution solved these problems for us."

Clint Wardley

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