A Virtual Datacentre at your fingertips with multiple connectivity options available - both Private and Internet based.


Unique Connectivity Options

With the infrastructure embedded in our carrier network you can run almost any workload on our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform as you are not just limited to internet connectivity.

We can seamlessly integrate IaaS into your private network with LAN-type connectivity speeds. You have complete flexibility to connect, including SIP, MPLS integration, private point-to-point, and of course internet connectivity.

Rapidly and Easily Scalable

Gone are the days of capacity management headaches and long procurement times for adding new hardware into your infrastructure. Almost anything that can be done in a traditional physical data centre can be done with our IaaS platform, with the added benefit that resources can be turned up and down in minutes through our self-service portal. We also don't lock you into long term contracts for compute and storage, so you only pay for what you need.

Multiple Regions – Local Yet National

We own our data centres and have used that to our advantage by deploying our IaaS platform in 3 regions - Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. You can choose to add regions to your IaaS service in minutes with a simple click, giving you total control with where you deploy your Cloud. Plus, with significant fibre capacity running between each region you can run almost any workload with minimum latency.

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