A complete virtual office solution, including virtual desktops, email, file storage, a 24x7 service desk and infrastructure to support your required business applications.


Simplify IT

Simplify your organisations IT environment by delivering your IT services from the cloud - removing the requirement to have local servers, storage and computer rooms. No longer will branch offices or remote users be complex to manage with a consistent, secure virtual desktop environment. Your business data and applications can be accessed from nearly any device - from a Windows PC to an iPad.

Peace of Mind

With our IT as a Service you can rest assured knowing that your IT environment is contained within purpose built data centres, based on high availability enterprise equipment, and all your data securely resides solely in Australia. Your critical information and services are then replicated interstate, retained for up to 7 years, and incorporated into the disaster recovery plans and services we provide as a standard.

All services are pro-actively monitored by our automated systems, pre-emptively providing capacity planning information and notifications to support staff. In addition to maintaining and supporting the systems our 24 x 7 support team are there to assist you with any IT related matters.

Pay as you Grow

By leveraging ITaaS you can work with fixed and known costs that are based on a standardised service catalog - allowing you to chose what you need, when you need it. The simple monthly fees include the virtual desktop, Microsoft software, infrastructure for business applications, disaster recovery and our 24 x 7 service desk.

Services can simply be scaled up or down to suit business requirements, so whether you're catering for seasonal staffing requirements, or resourcing up during projects, ITaaS can scale to meet your demands.

“Using TrustedCloud’s IT as a Service, our staff are able to engage with customers directly on project sites while still having full access to all our applications and data. Also working from home or on the road has never been easier with a practical Bring Your Own Device approach which lets our users access things on their terms.”

Francois van den Heever

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