Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)

On the 12th of March 2014, new privacy legislation came into force in Australia.
This legislation enforces thirteen Privacy Principles on Australian businesses with revenues in excess of $3M p.a. (and also for some private sector organisations with less than $3M such as health service providers).

As a customer, your use of TrustedCloud services goes a long way toward supporting your compliance with the new Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). Key aspects relating to these principles include:

• TrustedCloud keeps Your Data* in Australia
• Your Data* is secured by the physical security of purpose-built data-centres, and TrustedCloud IT Security Systems.
• Access to Your Data* is controlled by TrustedCloud security systems that require the user to be authenticated prior to access. (Strong One Time Password (OTP) authentication is available as an option).
• TrustedCloud holds Your Data* as a ’de-identified’ data-set and does not hold any rights, intention, or facility to access, classify or use that data for any reason other than secure custodianship.
• TrustedCloud will not provide Your Data* to an external party without your express written permission (other than that lawfully required by Australian Government or Law Enforcement Organisations)

Even though TrustedCloud hold and protect Your Data*, you still need to ensure that you manage your information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) for your business and your customers.

The Australian Privacy Principles are summarised on the Australian Government Privacy Fact Sheet 17 which can be found here.

*Note : ‘Your Data’ refers to the your organisation’s data that TrustedCloud holds on your behalf as part of the Cloud Services provided to you. 

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