Private Cloud

Raw Compute as a Service (CaaS) and Storage as a Service (StaaS) to provide a seamless extension to your on-premise server room or existing data centre.


High Speed Connection

In order to leverage the capabilities of our Private Cloud service a high speed data connection will be provided to allow a seamless extension to your existing server room or datacentre environment.

Unlike some providers that charge additionally for data transferred or storage transactions, the connection we provide is completely unmetered. This approach allows for the practical use of cloud infrastructure for production or disaster recovery workloads while also leveraging existing infrastructure for backups, systems management or high availability.

Dedicated Compute

Maintain complete control and full visibility of how your compute resources are provided to your various workloads.

Regardless of your choice of hypervisor – VMWare, Hyper-V or other, our dedicated compute provides an agnostic platform to support your IT environment. Your existing staff, software and management systems can simply use the new Private Cloud based compute resources as they would servers in your own datacentre.

Flexible Storage

Access resilient storage that can be directly connected to cloud based or on-premise compute resources. With the choice of performance orientated SAS storage or higher capacity, economical SATA storage, the appropriate storage tiers can be included to support your various workloads. All storage is based on fixed and known costs that can easily be scaled when you need extra capacity.

Full control over the type of storage presentation is also provided including NFS, CIFS or iSCSI options for ultimate flexibility when connecting to your resources.

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