Financial Services

Online and Ready to Trade

With our cloud services your financial trading / reporting / control systems are on-line whenever you need them. As any interruption in operations can mean an impact on your bottom line, you will benefit from the multiple levels of redundancy and high-availability designs that are standard with the services we deliver.

Situated in purpose built data centres, our low latency and private network connections can securely support the demanding and time sensitive requirements of trading entities, as well as cater for enhanced disaster recovery and compliance requirements that are mandated within the industry.

With a number of financial services customers and a variety of associated software packages deployed and operating on our cloud platform we have the experience and appreciation for the demands required of your IT services.

Secure and Reliable

IT security is a primary focus for our cloud based services with a growing and varying number of threats emerging daily around the globe.

To address and mitigate the security risks we employ a number of security mechanisms and systems to defend against attack. From multi-layer firewall protection, to enhanced anti-spam and anti-execution technologies, we seek to ensure our technology platform is fit-for-purpose but also locked down and secured for operation. We are independently audited by a specialist security firm to ensure we are aligning with the evolving industry best practices for security, including our associated processes and procedures.

Some of our customers also find additional value in the optional "compliance" facilities available. These facilities ensure that copies of all data (especially email) are retained for a period of up to 7 years, even when deleted. This enables you to search for, and recover, information and records relating to past transactions as and when required. Extremely useful where you perform high-value, time-critical transactions for your clients.

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