Enterprise / Government

Ultimate Control and Flexibility

With Private Cloud services you can have the benefits of cloud without relinquishing the control and flexibility of an on-premise environment. Continue to use your existing virtualisation platform, management systems and tools to control your dedicated compute and storage platforms. Layer on your virtual servers and line of business applications as appropriate.

Integrated using a high speed connection to provide raw access to resources, you specify the workloads and contention ratios that suit your organisation.

A natural extension to your current IT environment without mandated platforms, hardware abstraction or a limitation of control.

Cloud transformation without the hassle

Private Cloud provides the ability to securely consume raw compute and storage resources integrated using your existing software and tools. By dedicating compute resources the challenges and complications around leveraging existing Microsoft Enterprise or Government agreements are overcome.

No expensive software transformations, no retraining of staff and a platform that can be used as a geographically disperse processing facility for production or disaster recovery workloads.

Private Cloud makes your cloud transformation easy.

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