Small to Medium Business

Demystify IT

Our cloud services can provide a standardised IT platform for your business - delivered simply and maintained for you by experts. Instead of worrying about servers, backups and firewalls you can talk in terms of users and applications and let us handle the details and work with your vendors.

You can even continue to use your existing PCs or laptops (even if they are old) and have them run a virtual desktop with the latest software and applications delivered from the cloud to your office or home.

There is no need to divert your attention from your business to learn about IT, it is delivered to you simply and surely, with the comfort of knowing you have an extensive IT support team to help you if you need it.

Minimise and Control your IT Costs

With our IT as a Service you pay a simple monthly fee based upon your usage. We provide a portal which can show you exactly what IT services you are using, and also gives you the capability to increase or decrease your subscriptions as required. We even provide the ability to switch on or off certain Microsoft applications on a monthly basis, avoiding expensive once off purchases for something that may only be required for a few months.

Don't pay for IT you don't need. Scale up or down with simple monthly fees and without depleting capital reserves. ITaaS allows you to regain control over your IT costs.

"TrustedCloud allows me to relax knowing our IT systems are safe and secure with an entire support team to help us should we need it..."

Slav Garunovic

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