Small to Medium Enterprise

Align your costs to your Activity

With our cloud services, your IT is delivered to you without the need for CAPEX or investment in advance of need. Your IT costs can track your business need for IT with simple monthly fees and the ability to ramp up or down your services in a granular fashion - even for individual user requirements.

Economies of scale usually only available to the larger enterprises are also available to you, again without upfront investment and the benefit evident in your monthly fees.

High Quality IT Tailored to your Business Needs

Our cloud services include the ITaaS (IT as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offerings. Unlike discrete cloud applications which fit a discrete purpose - these services have been designed to support the line of business applications that you use to make your business competitive and effective.

We can combine virtual desktops, your applications and back-end systems to deliver IT to your staff and customers wherever they need it. Supported by an extensive team of qualified engineers and support staff, we can assist you with provisioning, maintaining and planning for your current and future IT requirements.

“TrustedCloud’s ITaaS has provided our company with a standardised virtual desktop that integrates seamlessly with our voice and business applications. This means we can better service our customers and focus on our core business rather than worrying about IT.”

Jonothan Nguyen

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