IT Standardisation

Standard Operating Environments

Attempting to manage a standardised IT desktop environment can be a challenging and expensive undertaking. Adding to the complexity are PCs and laptops bought at different times, with different hardware, operating systems and applications all requiring consistent security, patches and management tools.

By using our IT as a Service, you can have a manageable, secure, standardised operating platform with inherent redundancy included in the design. A platform designed so that it can be consistently updated and enhanced - without legacy applications holding you back.

Simplfied Access

With IT as a Service, a consistent business desktop can be delivered independent of the access device used. This provides the ability for an organisation to deploy low power, inexpensive thin-clients company wide - driving down ongoing operational and capital costs and providing a true hot-desk environment for workers.

Similarly, if desired, a true Bring your own Device policy could be implemented - allowing users in your company to use the devices with which they are comfortable.

From laptops to tablets, Windows to OSX - rest assured in the fact your cloud desktop is secure, available and extendable to include enhanced security features such as 2-factor authentication.

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